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Disaster Management Courses In Islamabad (Rawalpindi, Peshawar)3035530865 Disaster Management Courses When the term “disaster” is mentioned there is an immediate assumption that it is about the hazard – earthquake/flood/volcanic eruption/landslide, etc. When in actual terms, these are merely natural phenomena that only lead to “disasters” in the presence of certain conditions. Such conditions that lead to damage and fatalities are inherent vulnerabilities in both social groups and physical structures. There is an obsession in the media with the science of hazards and far less focus on socio-economic and political vulnerabilities leading to a misconception that science is the answer to what’s essentially a consequence of inequality, lack of access and entitlement to resources and far wider structural factors. Disaster Management Courses Contents: 1:Fundamentals of disaster management 2:Disasters and development 3:Vulnerability and risk Assessment 4:Disaster Assessment 5:Disaster mitigation 6:Displaced persons in civil conflict 7:Drought and famine 8:Rehabilitation and reconstruction 9:Disaster and the environment 10:Disaster economices 11:Disaster Logistics 12:International law of disasters and armed conflict 13:Emergency information management and telecommunications 14:Disasters management ethics (Mandatory) This module to run in parallel is mandatory 15:Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)/Critical Incident Stress ( CIS)

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