Civil, Road & Land Surveyor Course

Civil Surveyor Course in Jhelum, Dina, Kharian In Islamabad (Rawalpindi, 03035530865)

Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS)


Civil Surveyor Course in Jhelum, Dina, Kharian In Islamabad (Rawalpindi, 03035530865) Civil, Road & Land Surveyor Course Surveyors and Civil engineers remain in high demand as construction booms in the world. 03035530865 institute of technology’s Islamabad Diploma program in Civil Surveying Engineering Technology will give you the skills to work as a qualified technician in civil engineering and land surveying so you can jump into this exciting field with both feet. IPATS Civil Survey Institute is a premier provider of surveying, construction, engineering, and environmental training services to public and private sector. We have affiliations from TTB, TTPC, SDC, PSSC Government of Islamabad. All the trainings we provide in the field of civil are totally practical and professional. We have Qualified, experienced and well trained professional teachers. Course Outlines of Civil & Land Surveyor Course: 1:Introduction Civil Surveyor 2:Classification of survey 3:Civil Surveyor 4:Principles of survey 5:Chain survey 6:Plotting of chain survey 7:Compass survey 8:Bearing system 9:Drawing Scales 10:Types of scales 11:Leveling 12:Technical terms 13:Purpose of Leveling 14:Plain table survey 15:Methods of plane table survey 16:Adjustment of Levels 17.Total Station Practical Training 18.Auto Level / Theodolite Training 19. GPS Practical Training

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