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Diploma in Social Media Marketing Course In Islamabad (Rawalpindi, 03035530865)

Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS)


Diploma in Social Media Marketing Course In Islamabad (Rawalpindi, 03035530865) Diploma in Social Media Marketing Understand the importance of personal branding and how these principles can be applied in the professional world. Understand the history, purpose, anatomy, best practices, current trends, and pros & cons of the top 8 Social Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Blogs. Build foundational knowledge and professional skills on these 8 Social Media platforms. Learn how to research, use strategy and tactics, create engaging content, establish a following, & understand legal issues that confront Social Media. Gain a high-level understanding of key marketing principles and strategies IPATS Government of Islamabad. Diploma in Social Media Marketing Course Contents: 1:Facebook, Twitter, blogging and podcasting 2:Basic theory of social networks online and offline (graph theory, sociology, information diffusion) 3:Images, file sizes, how the web works and downloading files to a websites 4:Social Media Analytics and Monitoring 5:Brand strategies on social media 6:How to use auto responders to automatically answer emails 7:Create confirmation emails, upload a thank you page, download pages and create your first message in AWebar 8:Best marketing practices for paid and unpaid social media 9:Understand affiliate marketing and different methods that can help increase website traffic

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