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Training Course Contents The Advanced Part Modeling course is for SOLIDWORKS users who need to create complex parts and want to learn how to use more advanced features; including sweeps, lofts, boundaries, and every type of ;Also in the course are best practices for creating efficient parts including using Boolean operations in multibody parts in order to save time. Building master models for parametrically driving whole projects. Plus reverse-engineering complex models with sketch pictures. SOLIDWORKS Training Basic to advanced SOLIDWORKS courses SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling Lessons The following lessons are included in the course >>SOLIDWORKS Essentials >>SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling >>SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling >>SOLIDWORKS Drawings >>SOLIDWORKS Surface Modeling >>SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal >>SOLIDWORKS Weldments >>SOLIDWORKS Pipe & Tube Routing >>SOLIDWORKS Mold Design >>SOLIDWORKS Visualize Rendering >>SOLIDWORKS Advanced Update >>SOLIDWORKS Electrical Routing >>SOLIDWORKS Visual Basic for Applications >>SOLIDWORKS API >>SOLIDWORKS Composer Essentials >>SOLIDWORKS Simulation Linear Static >>SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional >>SOLIDWORKS Simulation Dynamics >>SOLIDWORKS Simulation Nonlinear >>SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation >>SOLIDWORKS Motion >>SOLIDWORKS MBD >>SOLIDWORKS Inspection >>Using SOLIDWORKS PDM >>Administering SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Course >>SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic >>SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D >>Drive Works Professional >>SOLIDWORKS Electrical Advanced >>SOLIDWORKS PCB Multibody Solids: How They Work Multibody Solids Multibody Techniques Introducing: Solid Bodies Folder Feature Scope Patterning Bodies Tool Body Introducing: Insert Part Introducing: Move/Copy Bodies Combining Bodies Introducing: Combine Uses of Multibody Solids Common Bodies Indent Feature Introducing: Delete Body Local Operations Modeling Negative Space Using Cut to Create Multibodies Saving Solid Bodies as Parts and Assemblies Introducing: Insert into New Part Introducing: Save Bodies Splitting a Part into Multibodies Introducing: Split Creating an Assembly Introducing: Create Assembly Using Split Part with Legacy Data Sketching with Splines Sketching Splines Introducing: Spline Introducing: Show Curvature Combs Sketch Picture Introducing: Sketch Picture Review Introduction to Sweeping Sweeping Case Study: Faux Raised Panel Door Sweep with Guide Curves Case Study: Bottle Sweep Options Sweep with Guide Curves Introducing: Dome Introducing: SelectionManager Working with Curves Case Study: Modeling a Spring Sweeping Along a 3D Path 3D Sketching Introducing: Helix and Spiral Introducing: Projected Curve Introducing: Composite Curve Introducing: Fit Spline Applying the Label to the Bottle Modeling Threads Case Study: Creating a Curve Through a Set of Points Sketch Blocks Introducing: Sketch Blocks Equation Driven Curves Introducing: Equation Driven Curve Introducing: Split Line Advanced Sweeping Orientation and Twist Control Align with End Faces Sweeping Along Model Edges Sweeping a Tool Body Boundary Feature and Lofting Why Lofts and Boundary Features? How Lofting and Boundary Work Boundary Feature vs Loft Introducing: Boundary Feature Using Derived and Copied Sketches Copying a Sketch Derived Sketches Introducing: Insert Derived Sketch 2-Direction Boundary Feature Layout Sketches Centerline Lofting Introducing: Split Entities Cleaning Up a Model Introducing: Delete Face Introducing: Deviation Analysis Other Advanced Tools Advanced Fillets Analyzing Geometry Introducing: Display Curvature Intersection Curve Zebra Stripes Wrap Feature Deform Feature Introducing: Knit Surface Move Face and Delete Face Introducing: Move Face Performance Considerations Eligibility / Requirements Autodesk sort of one month exposure and SOLIDWORKS Essentials, At least 1 month using software, Able to take time out for training, Sweep & Loft freeform features, Multibodies & boolean operations, Deform, Wrap & Move Face Job roles this course is suitable for: Sr. Architectural Engineer , Mechanical Engineers , Senior Mechanical Design Engineer , Technical Electrical Engineer

SOLIDWORKS PCB and CAM Design 03035530865

Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS)

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SOLIDWORKS PCB & Electrical Training

The new SOLIDWORKS PCB powered by altium design tool combines the power and usability of Altium with the 3D expertise of SOLIDWORKS to unite the "electronic" and mechanical worlds, one design at a time. ECAD-MCAD Project Collaboration Server Achieve unmatched ECAD-MCAD integration and collaboration with SOLIDWORKS® by unifying data and pushing changes to both sides of the design project. Managed ECAD-MCAD ECO Process Manage changes to board shape, component placement, mounting holes, keepouts and cutouts in both SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS through managed Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), no matter where the change initiated. Output PCB Copper Geometries Open board designs in SOLIDWORKS with all copper information making it possible to take advantage of advanced analysis such as thermal and vibration simulation. Streamlined Interface The SOLIDWORKS PCB interface is designed for streamlined productivity and ease-of-use. Enjoy a modern interface with easy to navigate options to get your PCB designs done quickly and efficiently. Library Management Combine and manage your schematic and PCB component libraries together in a single location. Re-use components that you know and trust from successful past projects. Supplier Links Make immediate decisions on pricing and availability of components to meet your budget and deadlines. Search your preferred supplier databases within SOLIDWORKS PCB and link solutions directly to components in your design. Version Control Gain greater clarity and control over changes made to your design in all phases, from schematic capture to board layout. Seamless integration Open native SOLIDWORKS files in SOLIDWORKS PCB, and open PCB files in SOLIDWORKS. Imported mechanical models are accurate and retain your original design information. Enhance your manufacturing process by capturing company standards, speed up quoting, and test manufacturability of a design earlier in the ; Feature Recognition Recognize certain types of geometry not only as CAD features, but to understand how much those features will be manufactured, and even how much it will cost to manufacture. SOLIDWORKS CAM can find 20+ types of machinable features on parts, such as holes, slots, and pockets. Rules-based Machining Automatically apply best manufacturing strategies that you like to use so that manufacturing processes can be not only faster, but also more standardized. Tolerance Based Machining Model Based Definition (MBD) is leveraged to ensure machining strategies are automatically adjusted based on tolerance ;Reading tolerances and surface finishes will help you to make decisions about how to manufacture your product. Part & Assembly machining milling solution which allows users to program in either part or assembly environments. Automatic Quoting Automate quoting and compare it to traditional methods to ensure all aspects of the part are accounted for ahead of time. Axis Milling Machine prismatic features with axis milling capabilities. SOLIDWORKS CAM includes automatic roughing, finishing, thread milling, face milling and single point (drilling, boring, reaming, tapping) cycles. 3 Axis Milling SOLIDWORKS CAM includes 3 axis milling routines to machine complex, contoured surfaces routinely encountered in mold/tool making and aerospace applications. Turning SOLIDWORKS CAM 2 and 4 axis turning software for programming CNC lathe machines includes automatic roughing, finishing, grooving, threading, cutoff and single point (drilling, boring, reaming and tapping) cycles. Associative Machining SOLIDWORKS CAM provides true associative machining - automatically accommodating changes to your part or assembly model. Any modifications made to the SOLIDWORKS design are automatically updated in SOLIDWORKS CAM, which eliminates time consuming CAM system rework due to design alterations. Eligibility / Requirements With SOLIDWORKS skills, you'll have a clear advantage in the engineering or industrial design job markets. The easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS Student Edition lets you sharpen your skills outside the classroom as you learn to design better products. Job roles this course is suitable for: Senior Electrical Engineer, Engine Planning Engineer , Mechanical Site Engineer , Technical Electrical Engineer

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