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SolidWorks Professional 3D2D Modeling and Design 03035530865 (Rawalpindi, 03035530865)

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Semester-I Abstract Contents: SOLID WORKS ESSENTIALS SOLID WORKS DRAWING ISO SOLID WORKS ADVANCE PART MODELING SOLID WORKS ASSEMBLY MODELING SOLID WORKS WELDMENTS SOLID WORKS SHEET METAL SOLID WORKS SURFACE MODELING SOLID WORKS ROUTING- PIPING & TUBING SOLID WORKS PLASTICS SOLID WORKS SIMULATION & ANALYSIS MOLD DESIGN USING SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS ROUTING- ELECTRICAL FILE MANAGEMENT API FUNDAMENTALS SOLIDWORKS CERTIFICATIONS ANIMATION & MOTION STUDY SOLIDWORKS ESSENTIALS TRAINING COURSES & COST Course Description: No matter whether you are a new user, an expert SOLIDWORKS user or an user of other CAD programs, SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training can benefit you immensely. The SOLIDWORKS Essentials training teaches you about using SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software for building parametric models of parts as well as assemblies and how to create drawings of those parts and assemblies. Extended over duration of four days this training covers fourteen essential lessons, such as SOLIDWORKS Basics and the user interface, introduction to sketching, basic part modeling, symmetry and draft, patterning, and revolved features among others. Prerequisites: Mechanical design experience; experience with the Windows operating system. SOLIDWORKS Basics and the User Interface What is the SOLIDWORKS Software? Design Intent File References Opening Files The SOLIDWORKS User Interface Using the Command Manager Introduction to Sketching 2D Sketching Stages in the Process Saving Files What are We Going to Sketch? Sketching Sketch Entities Basic Sketching Rules That Govern Sketches Design Intent Sketch Relations Dimensions Extrude Sketching Guidelines Basic Part Modeling Basic Modeling Terminology Choosing the Best Profile Choosing the Sketch Plane Details of the Part Boss Feature Sketching on a Planar Face Cut Feature Using the Hole Wizard View Options Filleting s Editing Tools Detailing Basics Drawing Views Dimensioning Changing Parameters Symmetry and Draft Case Study: Ratchet Design Intent Boss Feature with Draft Symmetry in the Sketch Sketching Inside the Model View Options Using Model Edges in a Sketch Creating Trimmed Sketch Geometry Patterning Why Use Patterns? Reference Geometry Linear Pattern Circular Patterns Mirror Patterns Using Pattern Seed Only Sketch Driven Patterns Revolved Features Case Study: Handwheel Design Intent Revolved Features Building the Rim Building the Spoke Edit Material Mass Properties File Properties SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress Using SOLIDWORKSSimulationXpress The SimulationXpress Interface Shelling and Ribs Shelling and Ribs Analyzing and Adding Draft Other Options for Draft Shelling Planes Ribs Full Round Fillets Thin Features Editing: Repairs Part Editing Editing Topics Sketch Issues Freezing Features Freezing Features FilletXpert DraftXpert Editing: Design Changes Part Editing Design Changes Information From a Model Rebuilding Tools Sketch Contours Configurations Configurations Creating Configurations Using Configure Dimension/Feature Using Global Variables, Equations Global Variables Equations Modeling Strategies for Configurations Editing Parts that Have Configurations Design Library In the Advanced Course Global Variables and Equations Using Global Variables, Equations Renaming Features and Dimensions Design Rules Using Global Variables and Equations Global Variables Equations Using Operators and Functions Using Drawings More About Making Drawings Section View Model Views Broken View Detail Views Drawing Sheets and Sheet Formats Projected Views Annotations Bottom-Up Assembly Modeling Bottom-Up Assembly Creating a New Assembly Position of the First Component Feature Manager Design Tree and Symbols Adding Components Using Part Configurations in Assemblies Subassemblies Smart Mates Inserting Subassemblies Pack and Go Using Assemblies Using Assemblies Analyzing the Assembly Checking for Clearances Changing the Values of Dimensions Exploded Assemblies Explode Line Sketch Bill of Materials Assembly Drawings SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL TRAINING The goal of this course is to teach you how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical to optimize your drawings and designs for manufacturability so you can maximize quality, avoid rework and decrease time to market. SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL - SCHEMATIC The goal of this course is to teach you how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical to optimize your drawings and designs for manufacturability so you can maximize quality, avoid rework and decrease time to market. This course is focused on 2D Schematic Design. Project Templates SOLIDWORKS Electrical Starting SOLIDWORKS Electrical What are Projects? Project Templates Project Configurations How is a Project Structured? Stages in the Process Modifying Project Templates What are Environments? Stages in the Process Draw Multiple Wires Drawing Types What are Drawing Types?. Stages in the Process Existing and Archived Projects Line Diagram Symbols Adding Cables Stages in the Process Symbols Panel Schematic Symbols Symbol Properties Symbols and Components What is a component? Stages in the Process Symbol Component Association Manufacturers Parts What are Manufacturers Parts? Stages in the Process. Finding Manufacturer Parts Wires and Equipotentials Equipotentials and Wires Stages in the Process Wire Style Manager Replacing Wires Equipotential Numbering Results Wire Numbering Results. Using Nodal Indicators Cabling What is Cabling? Stages in the Process Cables Detailed Cabling Terminal Strip Pin to Pin Connections Symbol Creation Comparing Complex Features Symbols and Standards Stages in the Process Symbols Manager Symbol Properties Circuits, Terminals, Types Multiple Attribute . Splitting Attribute Data Add to Library Copy, Paste Symbol Macros What are Macros? Stages in the Process Creating and Adding Macros Macros Creating macros Using macros Cross Referencing What is Cross Referencing? Stages in the Process Managing Origin-Destination Arrows What are Origin-Destination Arrows? Stages in the Process Origin-Destination Arrows What are Origin-Destination Arrows? What is a PLC? Stages in the Process Adding a New Scheme Adding a PLC Mark Inserting a PLC 2D Cabinet Layouts What are 2D Cabinet Layouts? Stages in the Process Design Rule Checks What are Design Rule Checks? Unconnected Pins Equipotential Conflicts Max. Terminal Wires Duplicated Parent Symbols Child Symbols without Parent Empty Terminal Strip Duplicated Terminals Reports What are Reports? Report Templates Report Columns Column Formula SQL Query Column Variable Sort and Break SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL 3D TRAINING The goal of this course is to teach you how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical to optimize your drawings and designs for manufacturability so you can maximize quality, avoid rework and decrease time to market. This course is focused on 2D Schematic Design. Assembly Creation What are Assemblies? Stages in the Process Unarchiving a Project. SOLIDWORKS Assembly Exercise Cabinets, Ducts, Rails Cabinets, Ducts, Rails Stages in the Process. Inserting Components Inserting Rails Inserting Ducts Exercise Component Intelligence What is a component? Stages in the Process Exercise Insert Components Insert Components Stages in the Process Align Components Inserting Terminals Exercise Routing Wires Routing Wires Stages in the Process Routing Path Route Wires Exercise Routing Cables Routing Cables Stages in the Process Route Cables Set Origin Destination of Cables by Location Exercise 3D Error Analysis Design Rule Checks Stages in the Process Manufacturer Part Not Inserted Manufacturer Part Inserted Twice Missing Connection Point Incorrect CPoint Route Type No Valid Path Wrong Wire Properties Exercise False Positives Eligibility / Requirements primary requirement for this position is expertise in the most recent version of SolidWorks. Employers may also seek out drafters with artistic aptitude and strong communication skills. Drafters should also be able to work with teams of engineers, architects, other design professionals and clients. Job roles this course is suitable for: Draft and design manager , Senior CAD Technician- Structures , Mechanical Engineering , Senior Civil Engineer Whatsapp: +923035530865, 03219606785, 3315145601, 03495021336 IPATS Government Recognized Education Zone-KhannaPul Rawalpindi-Islamabad

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