Android App Training Course 03035530865

Android App Training Course3035530865(Rawalpindi, Peshawar)

Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS)


Course Description: In Getting Started with App Inventor you will learn how to create your own Android mobile applications in just a few hours, and without having to learn any computer programming. App Inventor is a free graphic user interface (drag and drop system) that allows anyone to create their own Android mobile apps with no prior experience.

Module 1: Introduction to the Course

Module 2: Installing App Inventor Before You Install App Inventor Installing Google Chrome Opening An Account With Google Installing Java Installing App Inventor on Windows Installing App Inventor on a Mac Installing App Inventor on GNU / Linux

Module 3: Introduction to App Inventor Before You Install App Inventor Installing Google Chrome Opening An Account With Google Installing Java Installing On Windows Installing on a Mac Installing on GNU / Linux

Module 4: Understanding the User Interface Starting App Inventor Tour of the Components Editor Components Editor Overview • Components Editor Quiz • Tour of the Blocks Editor • Blocks Editor Overview • Blocks Editor Quiz • Component and Block Definitions • Opening Your First Project

Module 5: App 1 – Hello Purr • What You’re Building • Using the Android Phone Emulator • Changing Your App’s Name • Adding Buttons • Changing Button Images • Changing Component Names • Working with Text Boxes • Adding Sound Effects

Module 6: App 2 – Android Zoo • What You’re Building • Working with Images • Working with Screen Arrangements • Working with Text Labels • Adding Multiple Sound Effects • Introduction to Graphic Design

Module 7: Working With App Inventor Files • Downloading and Uploading Project Files • Downloading Your App to Your Phone • Downloading All Files • Zip Files • Keystores • Downloading Your App’s QR Code • Using QR Codes to Install Apps • Downloading .APK Files • Downloading to Your Android Phone • Video Tutorials • App Inventor Files Quiz

Module 8: Preparing Your Android Phone for Development • Changing You Phone’s Development Settings • Allowing Installation of Non-Market Apps

Module 9: App 3 – Business Card App • What You’re Building • Adding a Header Image • Adding One Touch Phone Call Functionality • Adding an E-mail Form • Connecting Your App to the Internet • Working with Activity Starters • Getting the Correct Google Maps URL • Working with Google Maps • Creating Multiple Screens • Creating a Clear Screen Procedure

Module 10: App 4 – Virtual Campus Tour • What You’re Building • Working with a Canvass • Adding Ball Animations • Creating Touch Sensitive Ball Animations • Adding Sound Effects • Working with Colors • Adding Songs • Using the Phone Vibration Function • Tapping the Screen to Display Text and Image Information

Module 11: App 5 – Event / Conference App • What You’re Building • What the Home Screen Properties Mean • Creating a List of Websites • Creating a List of Google Maps • Adding a Page of Text • Adding Attractive Button Images (Graphic Design) • What Is a QR Code? • Adding a QR Code to Your App • Creating Multiple Screens

Module 12: GPS Locator App • What You’re Building • Using the Phone’s GPS Function • Using the TinyDB Component • Locating Users Via the Location Sensor • Using an Activity Start to Open a Map • Using Maps for Real Time GPS Directions • Using a Database to Store Geographical Coordinates • Using a Database to Recall Geographical Coordinates • Working With Screen Arrangements • Working With Components Inside Screen Arrangements • Modifying the Text in Labels and Text Boxes

Module 13: Text Message App • What You’re Building • Getting Your Phone to Read Text Messages Aloud • How to Auto-Respond to Incoming Messages • Storing Text Data in a Database • Modifying Database Information • Pinpointing a User’s Current Location • Sending Current Location Information to Others • Using the Texting Component • Working with the TinyDB Component • Installing a Text to Speech Engine • Working With the Text to Speech Component • Using the Location Sensor Component

Module 14: Quiz App • What You’re Building • Storing Database Information on the Web • Storing Lists of Information • Using Text Boxes and Labels to Display Information • Verifying the Validity of Retrieved Database Information • Getting a Button to Submit Data to a Database • Allowing Users to Create Quizzes • Creating Lists of Questions and Answers

Module 15: Quiz App Advanced • What You’re Building • Retrieving Database Information from the Web • Creating Conditional Behaviors • Using Buttons to Navigate Quiz Questions • Storing and Retrieving Lists of Questions and Answers • Adding Images to Your Quiz Questions • Allowing Users to Take Quizzes • Displaying Correct or Incorrect Responses • Using Text Boxes and Labels to Display Information

Module 16: Mole Mash Game • What You’re Building • Working With Image Sprites • Using a Timer to Repeat an Action • Creating Game Procedures • Using Touch-Sensitive Objects on a Canvas • How to Use Type Blocking • Generating Random Numbers and Intervals • Creating a Scoreboard • How to Reset a Scoreboard • Video Tutorials • Mole Mash App Quiz

Module 17: Preparing Your APK Files for the Market • Finalizing Your App in App Inventor • Adding Your App Icon • Downloading the .APK File • Downloading “App To Market” Software • Zip Aligning Your .APK File • Preparing Your App for Online Android Markets

Module 18: Uploading Your First App to Android Marketplaces • Setting Up Your Android Account • Setting Up Google Checkout • Android Publisher Account Overview • Graphic Assets for the Android Market • Uploading Your First App to the Android Market • Creating a Marketing QR Code For Your App • How to Submit Updated Versions of Your App

Module 19: Working with the Basic Components • Setting a Button to Do Two Things • Using a Button to Display Text • Password Text Box Component • Creating a Toggle Button • Creating a Color Change Button • Checkbox Component • Creating an Enter Button • Player Component

Module 20: Working with the Advanced Components • Notifier Component • Image Picker Component • Using Fusion Tables • Web Component • Speech Recognizer Component • Orientation Sensor Component • Hosting Your Own Web Database • Barcode Scanner Component • Fusion Tables • Location Sensor Component • Text to Speech Component

Module 21: How to Do Everything Else • Adding a Splash Screen • Adding a Welcome Message • Overcoming Large App Size • Create Multiple Screens • Centering a Component • Centering Multiple Components • Basic Math and Variables • Troubleshooting Your Android USB Connection • Pointing to Files on a Server • Create a High Score Table • Create an Image Slideshow • Set a Timed Event • Setting a Foreach Loop • Creating Precise Button Arrangements • Pausing and Restarting Sprites • Creating Lists Within Lists • Working With the Advanced Tab • Launch a YouTube Page • Save a Canvas with TinyDB • Define Custom Colors • Using Static Google Maps • Using Date and Time • Latitude / Longitude Distance Calculations • Debugging Apps • App Inventor API Resources • Working with Java • Setting Timed Events

Module 22: More Apps to Build • Twitter App • QR Code Generator and Scanner • Text Group • Broadcast Hub • Phone Raffle • Snowboarder / Skier App • Animal Match • Hello World • Dorm Finder • Stock Quotes • Yelp Search • Invitation Sender • Paint App • Diary • Loan Calculator • Shooting Game • Christmas Card

Module 23: Additional App Source Codes • Kid’s Xylophone • Tip Calculator • Tic Tac Toe • Sports Scores • Reminders • Favorite Restaurants • Mortgage Amortizer • Map Tour • Memory Game • Web Viewer


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