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Import Export International Level Training Course Lahore Peshawar3035530865 Import Export International Level Training Course Lahore Peshawar3035530865, Import Export International Level Training Course Lahore Peshawar3035530865, Import Export an Trade Professional Training Course in Rawalpindi Peshawar3035530865, Import-export classes cover the ways in which businesses transport goods over international boundaries. An introductory course in trade operations, which involves the buying and selling of products internationally, covers practical topics related to importing and exporting. These courses cover the theory of international merchandise trade. Students also explore payment methods, risk analysis, Peshawar3035530865and import-export documentation. Businesses and import-export specialists need to complete significant amounts of paperwork before transporting their goods across international borders. Importers and exporters need to fill out forms for insurance and NAFTA compliance and customs, as well as complete documentation detailing how an individual or company solved logistical and transportation issues. Courses in import-export documentation cover the forms necessary to properly insure imports and exports and to ensure a product's swift passage through foreign customs offices. Students analyze case studies in which proper or improper shipping documentation has greatly impacted the efficiency of import-export business transactions. Import & Export Management Course Contents: 1:Global trade environment 2:Global monetary links 3:Cultural factors in international buying and selling 4:International transport and the movement of goods 5:INCOPTERM (ICC 2010) 6:Financial risk and management 7:Export costing and payment 8:Import and Export documentation and legal procedures 9:Legal aspects of international trade and effective international agent and trades Peshawar3035530865 Whatsapp: +923035530865, 03219606785,3315145601, 03495021336 IPATS Government Recognized Education Zone-Khanna Pul Rawalpindi-Islamabad

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